Re-Engineering Human Source Code

Read about “metalloprotein” and synthetic enzymes here.  Read about DNA as a nanotech engineering structure here.  Read about DNA based computers here

If you really want to flip your wig, read why humans may want to explore and colonize 10-24 m and smaller scale space at H+.


Cheap sensor technology mixed with AI is poised to radically change how humans and computers interact.

Right now the 3d living room scanner of choice is Microsofts Kinnect box.  Where is this technology going?   Emotion detection?  Lip reading?  Home security?  Baby sitting? Medical scanning? Read reports of Kinnect 2.0 here.  Read about Microsofts investment in new Kinnect technology start ups here.

Gaia reboot

5 to 11 percent of protiens are shared by all life on earth.  Perhaps the world is one giant super organism?  Scientists studying origins of life are debating the subject.  Read about LUCA here.  Read about Gaia here

It makes one wonder about space colonization.  Read about potential targets for infection… or colonization here.  If Mars has life, does it have an immune system?  Read about Martian mysteries here.


Robots Robots Robots

Whats the latest robot news?  Read about jumping robots at IEEE and worm robots at Physorg.  Check the MIT research into flying robots that think for themselves also at Physorg (they like the robots).  Learn about prison robots at the BBC.  Read about brain surgery robots here.  And, of course, The World Robot Olympiad is described here.

Alternate Universes

Scientific advances that were ahead of their time as explored by Cracked Magazine.

Rise of The Quantum Computers

Quantum Computers are exponentially faster than standard computers and use 100th of the power.  Suddenly those energy harvesting sneakers make sense! 

Read about quantum super computers here.

Read about consumer quantum computers hitting the market in 2017 here.

Lab Grown Neuron Transplant Breakthrough

Wisconsin scientists have demonstrated that neurons, grown from human embryonic stem cells can successfully send and receive signals.  Read more here.


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