Science Cures Hangovers

No need for home remedies or greasy breakfasts. Scientists know exactly how to stop your head from pounding.

Read more on The Atlantic Wire.

Is There Ice on Mars?

Researchers have discovered ice inside lava tubes on Earth that suggest that bacteria could thrive in cold conditions similar to those on Mars.

Read more on MSNBC.

Do the Worm

A Chat Between Bots

Twin Satellites to Map Moon

Nasa’s Grail spacecraft, twin satellites designed to uncover data about the Moon’s formation and gravitational field, will go into orbit this weekend.

Read more on BBC News.


Will the comforts of civilization make humans more domesticated and stupid?  Will access to billions of creative ideas on the internet devalue the creation of new ideas?

Mark Pagel, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Reading University, England and The Santa Fe Institute explores selection pressure on memetics, here.


Neural Engineering

Whats the latest in neural emulation? How would uploading human minds into computers work?   Check this interview with Neuroscientist Randal Koene at Singularity Blog



List of Lists (Re: Tech Trends)

Tripped accross a few interesting lists:

MIT’s Technology Review lists their favorite technologies from 2011 here.  One of the innovations they like is wrist watch cellphones.  -Which would converge nicely with a couple other tech trends.  Read about touchless (gesture based) cell phones here.  Read about the micro-projector trend here.

New Scientist has a nice list of breakthrough photonic engineering trends here.

IBM is hyping its top 5 favorite tech trends here.  One trajectory thats interesting, is the change of emphasis in chip makers from clock speed to energy efficiency.  Read the latest from Intel here.  Check this piece on a  Moore’s law for computational energy efficiency here.



MIT has announced a certificate program to accompany the free classes it offers online.  Read about it here.

I’m super excited about all the free college courses being offered online from MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, Harvard, UCLA, NYU and etc.  I’ve watched about 25 in the past year.  & I’ve described some of my favorites here.

Urban Futures

Right now there is a mass migration to urban areas.  Billions of people are leaving rural villages and moving to megacities. 

Will cities extend up into the atmosphere?  Read about Skywire transportation here.  Check Wikipedias entry for floating cities (science fiction) here

Will cities extend down into the earths crust?  Read about a cutting edge prototype for a subterrainean super structure here.  Check Wikipedia’s page on Underground cities here.

Will the Ocean continue to be colonized?  Read about the latest opportunities in seasteading here.  Read about 12 “fantastic” floating cities here.  Check Wikipedia’s page on Underwater habitat here.


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