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Who Killed Virtual Reality?

Who Killed Virtual Reality? Nobody.  It’s on the way, along with holodeck tech, and layers of augmented reality in between.

H+ is doing a nice retrospective on VR.  Check this Lanier interview from 02.

Or if you want the 1 min version.  What are the top 10 reasons that Virtual Reality has yet to live up to expectations?

3D video game engines to power web pages?

VR as video game interface?

The roots of VR.

Brain Ball – Competitive Relaxation

Immortality Tech

Dorm Room of the Future

Post Singularity Engineering

So you’ve got planetary scale intelligence.  You’ve used self replicating von Neumann probes to build that Dyson Sphere.  What next?

Matrioshka brain

Moore’s Law is Too Slow.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”) is one of the few tech programs left in the U.S. Fed Budget.  This isn’t surprising.  The history of technology is strongly associated with war.

So like, what are they up to?

DARPA thinks Moore’s law is moving too slow.  They are funding research into new material science, new sensors, new transducers and Quantum engineered devices. Awesome!  Check the details at Next Big Future.

DARPA has also announced funding into medicine on demand and portable synthetic biologically lab (tricorder) research.

Speaking of “lab on a chip” research.  Did you see the latest cheap portable genetic sequencer device?

Medical Miracles

Have you heard the latest news about:

Curing blindness with photoreceptor transplants? 

Hand paralysis reversed using brain implants? 

Urban Planning at the Dawn of Material Agility

What is the future of cities when all material objects are programmable?  The IEET has an amazing post.

What’s the background on programmable matter? 


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