Dorm Room of the Future

Urban Planning at the Dawn of Material Agility

What is the future of cities when all material objects are programmable?  The IEET has an amazing post.

What’s the background on programmable matter? 

Total Biolectric Interface

Singularity Hub has a sick profile on Stanford startup Vergence Labs.  They are working on Singularity style human machine mashups. 

In cyborg related news, MVG expects to have direct-to-brain bionic eye implants ready for testing in 2014.



Claytronics: Smart Sand

Have you heard about the latest breakthrough in high performance plastic electronic circuit fabrication?  Cool.

Have you heard about programmable sand? aka Claytronics.

Video Wall Paper

Video wallpaper is an important step before we get video paint.  Whats the latest video wallpaper news?  Read about OLED here.  Read about rollable video displays here. 

BTW: Is your TV spying on you?  Read about the dark side of smart appliances at MIT’s Technology review.

AR Spex

NYT has an update on Google’s AR glasses.  I guess the release date is getting pushed back.  There also seems to be an effort to link the device to G+.

What would you like to see from Project Glass aka Google Glasses? 

  • I would like to see AR LARP game apps. 
  • I would like apps that guide me through home improvement and auto repair tasks.
  • I would like AR cooking apps that can guide me through various recipes.
  • I would like an AR shopping app that offers information about products like nutrition, diet, price comparison, and ethical business practices.
  • I would like enhanced vision like magnification (microscope & telescope) and night vision.
  • I would like an encyclopedia or Wikipedia AR app.
  • I would like a flight recorder app that’s stored on the cloud, as a crime deterrence.
  • I would like a face recognition app that not only stores information about personal contacts but also has information about criminals or people I want to avoid.
  • I would like an app that helps with sports, such as a speedometer for jogging or something that tracks baseballs, golf balls, soccer balls and etc.



Web 4.0

Technology forecaster Daniel Burrus describes his vision for the web of the future. 

The next phase in web design will be the transition to 3D video game style interface and immersion.  Adobe seems to agree.

After that, the web will transition to AI driven content.  Google seems to agree.


New 3D Printing Tech Breaks Speed Limit

3D Laser printing jumps from millimeters per second to 5 meters per second.  Check it.

3D printing has the potential to revolutionize physical property.  Factories (mass production) and supply chains could be replaced by file sharing and printing objects on demand.  There is also a trend in printing cellular structures like human organs for transplant and perhaps foodstuff like cruelty free meat.  This technology is advancing quickly.

Computer Vision = 36 Million Faces Per Second

Hitachi Kokusai Electric has introduced a security camera with built in capability of identifying faces at amazing speed (searching at 36 Million Faces Per Second).  Read about it here.

Let this sink in for a second.  Biometric identification is the new ID Card.  Also, face identification software can be used in web searches of stills and video, including any video or photo of you uploaded onto the web ever (even if you are in the background).  Your future employer (stalker, loan officer, insurance rep, parole officer, husband or wife) may be watching.

Bionic Glove – Triple Grip

Read about the new GM NASA Bionic Glove at Next Big Future


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