Physical Law and the Future of Nanotechnology

Immortality Tech

Public Transportation at 4,000MPH

Evacuated Tube Transport:  1/10th the cost of a high-speed rail,  10 times the capacity & 4,000 mph?  Read about it at Singularity Hub. 

Urban Planning at the Dawn of Material Agility

What is the future of cities when all material objects are programmable?  The IEET has an amazing post.

What’s the background on programmable matter? 

Self-Replicating Spacecraft

Settling the moon with self replicating robots could increase US industrial capacity a million fold.

Self replicating space probes could explore the entire galaxy in five hundred thousand years travelling at one tenth the speed of light. 

The search for alien self-replicating nanobots.

What’s the background on self replicating spacecraft?

Space Migration & Type 2 Kardashev civilization

H+ has a nice post on space migration. 

If you haven’t checked this Sentient Developments post on building a Dyson sphere (disassembling the planets starting with Mercury etc).  Do it!  Even NASA was impressed.

Space Solar News

Personally, I like the decentralized model of energy generation.  It bypasses choke points and energy markets that can be manipulated.  Since energy is an input for all material goods it can act as a private tax.

However, large industrial facilities have large scale energy needs.  Space solar can tap into the suns energy 24-7.  With complimentary technologies such as wireless energy transmission, transportation technologies can be freed from dragging along an energy source as a payload.  This approach will become essential for space elevators and could revolutionize the commercial aircraft industry.

Here is the latest flower based design for space solar.

Defense applications for space solar.

The military use of space solar that they are not talking about…

The case AGAINST space based solar. (Cynical take on space technology forecasting).

Nonetheless, a forecast of a space based solar future. (Thanks to Next Big Future for awesome coverage of this tech).

Got crabs?

40 crabs= computer

Japanese and British (collision-based computing) researchers have demonstrated a working computer out of crab swarms.  The Professor from Gilligan’s Island and Mcgyver types take note.

BTW Swarm intelligence, swarm robotics and swarm theories for computation and particle physics are hot topics right now.


AGI Explosion

If your job is boring, you can be replaced by narrow AI.  That’s the relatively cheap easy Artificial Intelligence that just needs a set of instructions (more or less).  Perhaps you’ve already read about this in Martin Ford’s The Lights In The Tunnel where he explores some of the economic consequences of job destruction through automation.

We are closing in on a more powerful technology which could have even greater economic impact.  AGI as embodied by Whole Brain Emulation is a more powerful version of AI that has more plasticity.  Whole brain emulation will allow machines to make broader more fluid decisions/actions and perform a wider range of occupations.  Robin Hanson looks at this disruptive impact of this technology.  It could be the most disruptive technology heading our way in the next few decades.

In light of Hanson’s forecast, Next Big Future looks at complimentary technologies that will be part of our lives over the next twenty years.

Virtual Property: Virtual Property Crime

Would you like to buy $2.5 million dollars worth of virutal real estate?

Would you like to buy your own habitable planet? (millions of light years away)

Did an avatar steal your virtual starship?  Help is on the way!



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