Thermodynamic models boost AI Planning Ability?

Thermodynamics is awesome!  If you want to know how the universe works, thermodynamics is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Check this Harvard AI software that applies entropy to planning.  Entropy as intelligence?

For another eye opener – check this sick video on autocatalysis and think about the business cycle, forest fires and other natural systems.

Self-Erecting Structures

Singularity 101

Autonomous Robot Plane

A History of Violent Robots

The blog Plastic Pals reviews HISTORY’s series “That’s Impossible,” which explores the future and current state-of-the-art of battlefield robots in an episode titled “Real Terminators.”

Read the review from Plastic Pals.

Web 4.0

Technology forecaster Daniel Burrus describes his vision for the web of the future. 

The next phase in web design will be the transition to 3D video game style interface and immersion.  Adobe seems to agree.

After that, the web will transition to AI driven content.  Google seems to agree.


Emotional Interfaces

Emotion is critical in human to human interaction.  Now AI techniques are being used to read user emotional states and improve computer interfaces.  Read about it here.


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