Robot vs Monkey

Clothbot: a Robot for Flexible Clothes Climbing

Who Killed Virtual Reality?

Who Killed Virtual Reality? Nobody.  It’s on the way, along with holodeck tech, and layers of augmented reality in between.

H+ is doing a nice retrospective on VR.  Check this Lanier interview from 02.

Or if you want the 1 min version.  What are the top 10 reasons that Virtual Reality has yet to live up to expectations?

3D video game engines to power web pages?

VR as video game interface?

The roots of VR.

The Vision: Top Stories This Week

IP as an weaponized instrument of anti-innovation techno-stagnation

Marketing necropolymorphism and Crystal Minds

Invisible photodetector

3-D Biophysical Chemistry at resolution of less than a tenth of a millionth of a millimetre

International Science and Engineering Fair Winner!!!!! 15yo develops new method to detect pancreatic cancer.

Allowing the mind to wander aids creativity.

Kinect Killer? New cheaper gesture control at higher resolution.

Telerobotic space exploration

Kaleidogami – morphing robotic mechanisms and shape-shifting sculptures

From sustainable to evolvable

Substrate chauvinism

Transhumanism as Action and Creator of New Social Relations

Driverless Cars – impact on everyday lives

100 floating robots

Peak oil? Or 50-year plan for energy?

Holographic Video Conferencing

Dancing Robot


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