Robot vs Monkey

Clothbot: a Robot for Flexible Clothes Climbing

Who Killed Virtual Reality?

Who Killed Virtual Reality? Nobody.  It’s on the way, along with holodeck tech, and layers of augmented reality in between.

H+ is doing a nice retrospective on VR.  Check this Lanier interview from 02.

Or if you want the 1 min version.  What are the top 10 reasons that Virtual Reality has yet to live up to expectations?

3D video game engines to power web pages?

VR as video game interface?

The roots of VR.

Dorm Room of the Future

Urban Planning at the Dawn of Material Agility

What is the future of cities when all material objects are programmable?  The IEET has an amazing post.

What’s the background on programmable matter? 

Total Biolectric Interface

Singularity Hub has a sick profile on Stanford startup Vergence Labs.  They are working on Singularity style human machine mashups. 

In cyborg related news, MVG expects to have direct-to-brain bionic eye implants ready for testing in 2014.



Claytronics: Smart Sand

Have you heard about the latest breakthrough in high performance plastic electronic circuit fabrication?  Cool.

Have you heard about programmable sand? aka Claytronics.


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