Medical Miracles

Have you heard the latest news about:

Curing blindness with photoreceptor transplants? 

Hand paralysis reversed using brain implants? 

Total Biolectric Interface

Singularity Hub has a sick profile on Stanford startup Vergence Labs.  They are working on Singularity style human machine mashups. 

In cyborg related news, MVG expects to have direct-to-brain bionic eye implants ready for testing in 2014.



Full Body Prosthetics

Engineers, neuroscientists and physiologists from Brazil, Switzerland, Germany and the United States – are working toward a “prosthetic exoskeleton” for quadriplegics in time for the 2014 World Cup.  Read about it on Medical Express.

Cyborg Cars

Blending driver and vehicle intelligence together using brain activity measurement, eye movement patterns and by scanning the environment around the car.  Read about the future of driving at Physorg.

Living Robot

Psychiatric Engineering

Human Augmentation Now

How far are we from the video game future of DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION? Cyborg film maker “Eyeborg” investigates.


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